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Hi! I'm James, and this is my very blue portfolio.

All about me:
I'm a graduate level game and level designer, about to take on my Masters dissertation (I'm not scared I swear).
Games are my bread and butter, and I remain absolutely fascinated by their craft. From intricate puzzles and chunky combat to branching paths and leading lines, forging fun experiences is my goal. 


Even more about me:

While making games is what makes me tick, it's not the only thing I have going,
we all need hobbies right?
On my downtime you can find me tinkering with Lego or Gundam like a real adult, spending too much on impractical fashion or making music that no one ever hears. I'm in love with design and art in any and all face
ts, so you'll also find me rambling about the design of a chair or a fence or something.

If you made it all the way down here, thank you for checking out my portfolio. If you would like to get in touch about anything at all, please go to the Contact page or email me at 
(I'll be looking for work in 2024, hint hint nudge nudge)

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