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Whilst on his internship at Playtonic James proved a very knowledgeable and focussed designer. Took on feedback well and iterated his designs very quickly and to a good level. His written documents and in-engine work were excellent.
- Gary Richards, Playtonic Games

On his internship James left a very good impression on us all and demonstrated a great attitude plus a skilful, creative and knowledgeable approach to all tasks given particularly ones focused on level design and gameplay props/mechanics. Hopefully we've not seen the last of James at Playtonic.
- Gavin Price, Playtonic Games

James has a unique vision designing intense and fast paced, skillful design. He's able to explore many directions at once with his prototypes and adapts gracefully to feedback and revisions. A positive influence on any team.
- William Hellwarth, Goodbyeworld Games

During James' work experience we worked closely together and I can vouch for his work ethic and good attitude. He was full of passion for his craft and learned the tools we use quickly and to a competent level.
- Scott Hamilton, Playtonic Games

James was a pleasure to work with during his time at Playtonic. He was very detail orientated, diligent and communicative. James has a lot of potential, I hope we get to work together again in the future!
- Daley Eve Johnson, Playtonic Games

James is a bright and driven developer who never failed to express their enthusiasm and integrity. It is clear that he cares genuinely about the creation of games and being a driving force behind them.
James offers creative and unexpected perspectives on solutions and ideas. He never failed to open up the process to enlightening and practical ways of approaching games development.
As a creator of some already brilliant gameplay experiences, I cannot recommend him enough to be a versatile and effective member of any team.

- Alice Halley, Radical Forge

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