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Spy Mission

Role: Sole Developer

Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Year: 2O23 

This level is the product of a Masters module, Advanced Mission Design. The goals of the module were to work successfully with 2 other students, design and create our own levels independently but with a single continuous narrative, and to detail this development in a pre-production document. 


To develop our levels, we were provided a simple first person shooter template in an Unreal Engine 4 project and complete freedom. 
With first person combat in mind, my level was inspired by classic espionage movies, offering a chance to create unique narrative and gameplay moments, from practicing development of combat encounters to light puzzles and exploration. 

This module earned me a grade of 9O%, and the document can be read here.


The provided FPS project came with a set of controls and mechanics that I could utilise within the level. I also implemented a pick up mechanic that let me move physics objects. 

Player Mechanics: 

  • Walk

  • Jump

  • Sprint

  • Shoot

  • Change Weapon

  • Pick Up/ Drop

Level Mechanics: 

  • Moveable Physics Objects

  • Enemy Spawner

  • Collectable Weapons

  • Lamp Puzzle

  • Book Secrets


Pre-Production was a major focus of this module, as such I thoroughly planned, researched and detailed my designs before implementing them in engine, taking care to create clear diagrams and maps that will translate well with as little written explanation as possible. 

Initially I sketched the map on paper following ideation on it's core gameplay moments, themes and pacing. I then translated that design digitally and iterated on it, adding a hedge maze section and polishing thee combat experience with new cover and enemy spawn locations.

The best way to see my work and intention is to download and read the document here.



I utilised a range of guidance methods and level design techniques to realise my designs in-engine, primarily lighting, framing, pinching, leading lines and 3D Audio. 

From the start the player is pinched down a linear corridor, guided by light before walking past the bar, which is key to an upcoming story beat. The level then opens up and shifts tone to a secret underground party. This tonal shift makes the level feel unique and interesting to me, which is always a goal of mine. 

The internal combat encounter takes place in a ransacked version of the party room, with tables flipped to form barricades and cover, and the rear door open to create a logical point of entry and exist. I feel this shift is exciting, and far more interesting than simply dropping the player into an arena. 

Once outside, the player enters a second combat encounter and a box puzzle, illuminated in red by the reverse lights of a truck. Colour and lighting are key tools for me in my work.

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