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 Scout's Honour 

Role: Designer, Programming, Audio, Art, Co-Writing 

Engine: Unreal Engine 5

Year: 2O24

Scout's Honour is a short first-person horror game with a twist! You are Jimmy, a young cub scout who wants nothing more than to earn his next badge. Build your tent, light your fire, and be prepared to meet a strange new friend.  

Scout's Honour was made in under 2 weeks for, and won 1st place in, the 2O24 DreadXP Extraterrestrial Terror Jam, coming out on top against over 4O incredible submissions! This was a huge achievement for me and my small team, creating a game that received so much praise and over 23O downloads was exhilarating. 

I played a major role, completing a majority of the programming, scripting and art myself. 

Scout's Honour is available free on

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